About the United Church of Christ

Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Sunday School is held in the Parish House Parlor at 9:15 am each Sunday.

Children's Sunday School

Children are dismissed from Worship after the Children's Moment for Sunday School in the Parish Hall. 

(Nursery is provided in the Parish Hall.)


As in some other churches in the United Church of Christ, St. John’s style of worship could be described as a unique blend of Liturgical and
Traditional worship. Although the description “high church” was originally used to distinguish Anglican forms of worship, it aptly reflects our formality and order of worship. 


Communion is observed the first Sunday of each month, alternating between Altar and Pew Communion.

In the United Church of Christ tradition, we practice open communion, welcoming all who intend to lead a Christian life to participate fully. Parents or guardians may decide when is the appropriate age for children to commune. We share communion on the first Sunday of each month, as well as on a number of special services. Our open table welcomes all, and the sacraments are treated with the respect due to those holding a belief in Transubstantiation.  

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